Q1: Is facial cream a must when using the device?
If you want to relieve skin fatigue, just use the device without any cream/serum, turn on and massage the skin. If you want to eliminate skin lines or eye bags, dark circles and eye lines, it’s  better to use the device with facial/eye cream.

Q2: Is this device useful on removing dark circles and eye bags?
Dark circles and eye bags can be significantly reduced after consistent use of 28-48 days. For best result, it’s recommended to keep good living habits and use the device at least 3 times a week.
Q3: Why I didn’t feel my muscle beating?
Possible reasons: 
(1) Didn’t use the device with facial/eye cream or other skin care products. Due to different skin conditions, it’s recommended to use skin/eye gel or cream to experience better feel.

(2) Everyone has different feelings about the intensity of vibration. The vibration intensity of our device has been tested for thousand times and is suitable for most people. High frequency doesn’t equal to good result. Your comfort is the most important thing. 
Q4: Why the device does not work?
The battery is running low. It is recommended to replace the battery with a new one.

Q5: How long shall I use the device each time?
5 minutes for each area (in case of eyes, 5mins each eye) and 2 or 3 times a week.